Continuous Innovation — DevOps and Agile Deployment with AWS

  • Vortrag


Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2017 - 15:15 bis 15:45



Speaker: Mickael Zewde, Business Development Manager, Claranet

One of the most important factors behind successful companies in a customer-centric world is a high innovation rate. Only if companies frequently and promptly add new functions and services to their applications will they remain competitive in the long term. New IT operational concepts such as DevOps enable decision-makers to meet these needs and respond at the required speed. On the basis of specific projects we will show how DevOps and an agile deployment can be realised in a short period of time with AWS. Despite a high level of expectation, IT is able to react to the requirements of the specialist departments more effectively and guarantee a faster time to market.

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